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We have helped with many tricky situations. Read how specifically and also how it all turned out.

How we saved Pilulka one million crowns a year

The pharmacy Pilulka trades with about 1500 suppliers and send several hundreds of order daily. We have simplified administrative work and saved several million crowns a year. See how.

Perfumery Douglas: 99% of documents are processed automatically

Perfumery Douglas has long struggled with laboriousness and inaccuracies in the process of processing received invoices.After deploying the iNVOiCE FLOW solution, 99% of these documents are processed automatically.

2x faster processing of orders at Světluška

Every year in spring and autumn, the car parts dealer experiences a seasonal peak. During one of them in the autumn of 2020, the owners of the company realized that despite the overtime, the warehouse workers did not manage to pick orders.

Mondelēz has found not only an EDI provider, but mainly a partner

We have guided many companies through change

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We didn't want to waste time on administration that can be easily automated. Thanks to process automation, we can grow and manage fluctuations in demand, even if the costs of the affected processes remain the same.

Michal Hanáček

Let yourself be guided, too. You will have more time to work.

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