2x faster processing of orders at Světluška

Reduction in overtimes of workers

Reduction of error rate by half

Original state and problem

The seller of spare parts for cars - the company Světluška - experiences a seasonal peak every year in spring and autumn. During one of them in the autumn of 2020, the owners of the company realized that despite the overtime, the warehouse workers did not manage to pick orders and the company could not continue to grow. They therefore decided to deploy the LOKiA WMS warehouse system.

At Světluška, they decided to change the functioning of the warehouse on the basis of an internal analysis. They were forced to do so by worries about not being able to keep the promised deadlines for sending the goods because of the growth in the number of orders. They were also warned by the growing warehouse workers' overtime. Světluška wants to meet the needs of customers in all circumstances and deliver the goods in the shortest possible time. But the lengthy processing of orders in the warehouse meant a large number of overtime hours. "The number of orders is constantly increasing and we do not want to get to the state where we will sit on the phone all day and tell clients that their order will come two to three days later, because we are not managing," says Světluška operations manager Martin Janíček.

How it all went

After a thorough market analysis, they decided on a warehousing system. When looking for a supplier, they mainly found out references - where and for whom the company already operates a warehouse system, how many clients it serves and whether it can connect WMS with the internal and accounting ERP system Pohoda E1. "I didn't want a solution from a garage company that manages three warehouses in its immediate area. And because the price was also included in the decision-making, we eventually met with GRiT and their warehouse system LOKiA WMS in the requirements,” explains Světluška's criteria its Operations Manager.

Cooperation of Světluška and GRiT

The cooperation between GRiT and Světluška itself began in mid-January with an analysis of warehouse and company processes, and from March 1 the LOKiA WMS system was put into operation. A huge challenge was that Světluška operates as both a retail and a wholesaler. According to them, the change permeated the entire company. It was not just about changing processes in the warehouse, they also changed the way they process accounting documents. For example, they began to use issues as accounting documents, and on the other hand, abandoned double-checking the contents of the package because it was no longer needed.

"Previously, the warehouse workers prepared the package, which passed the inspection of another person, and only then was the invoice prepared manually and the shipping label printed. Now LOKiA takes care of the inspection and in 80% of cases everything is done automatically. We have put the system in full operation in six weeks. I consider this to be an absolutely record time," Janíček looks back at the implementation phase.

Several changes have been made

In 15 minutes, they pick and process an order that took half an hour to process before deploying WMS - thanks to a clear map of the warehouse and warehouse positions in the navigation at the terminals used by warehouse workers.

The error rate has halved, from a very good value of 5% before deploying WMS to around 2.5% nowadays - thanks to the beeping of each item, which is automatically compared with the order.

The dispatch of the goods itself is 30% faster - thanks to the automation of work at the end of the dispatch chain when issuing an invoice and printing a transport label from Balíkobot.

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LOKiA WMS is modular. God and our skill willing, if we grow at a good pace, then it offers us a great platform that will grow with us. You will, in fact, appreciate the power of WMS with an increasing number of operations. The more packages I handle, the more LOKiA will help me. When I process 30 packages a day, that's fine, but I'll never discover its potential. But when I process 1000 packages a day, then I really use the system to its fullest.

Martin Janíček, Operations Manager
That makes sense, right?

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