Mondelēz has found not only an EDI provider, but mainly a partner

96% of orders are processed by ED

Dozens of hours of routine work per month less

Original state and problem

The Czech division of one of the largest confectionery manufacturers started using electronic exchange of documents in 2002, thus becoming one of the pioneers of EDI communication within the entire Mondelēz group and overtaking the markets of Western Europe. The specifics of the business partners were one of the reasons that made it difficult for Mondelēz to implement the mutual exchange of documents. And so they decided to leave the involvement of new partners to a third party that would help them solve these specifics.

In addition to the involvement of partners, it was also necessary to supervise the document exchange process itself. Solving the requirements of all business partners required several workers, which was demanding both in terms of time and money for Mondelēz. In addition, all subsequent processes were prolonged.

How it all went

The Czech leader on the market for chocolate products and biscuits has been exchanging business documents with its partners via ORiON EDI since 2009. In this year, due to dissatisfaction with the then EDI provider, Mondelēz launched a tender process, in which GRiT was successful. Over several years of joint work with GRiT, Mondelēz particularly praises the involvement of new partners, including those for whom standard EDI cannot be used. GRiT comes with hybrid solutions and is a partner to Mondelēz. In the last 5 years alone, they jointly implemented around 40 Czech and Slovak customers.

The number of errors during document processing has also been significantly eliminated, saving Mondelēz time and money. The thousands of messages that flow to and from Mondelēz every month are also used for internal analysis. Based on those, Mondelēz determines which other processes could be automated in the company. Mondelēz's vision continues to lead to further simplification of processes so that everything from order receipt to final invoicing takes place without the intervention of a human hand.

Several changes have been made

Hybrid forms of EDI for more demanding partners and significant reduction of routine work.

The issued invoice is displayed in ORiON within 10 seconds without human intervention.

When an error appears in an invoice, ORiON notifies Mondelēz of the rejection of the invoice by the customer. They simply fix it and send it again.

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Before GRiT, we collaborated with another EDI provider. GRiT's approach has been more flexible and open since the beginning, and we greatly appreciate the quick responses to our suggestions. Colleagues from other countries who have EDI from international providers encounter problems that we do not have to solve at all.

Zoran Žlof
Mondelez International
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