Six-fold return on EDI project during the first year

Saving after two years: over half a million

Saving of over 350 days of work with documents

Original state and problem

In terms of technologies and processes, BOHEMIA SEKT is one of the European leaders. The automation of document transfer was started in 1991, among other things, by exports to world markets, which was an impulse for the former state-owned company Vinařské závody to enter the international system of standard automatic EAN identification. The so-called GS1 Company Prefix still marks Bohemia Sekt products. We can find it on a total of three hundred products.

Process automation and the economic necessity of savings have led BOHEMIA SEKT to a decision to use electronic exchange of business documents - EDI (initially invoices - INVOIC and orders - ORDERS) in its supplier-customer relations.

How it all went

Due to the complexity of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) issues, BOHEMIA SEKT decided to use a specialized EDI provider to manage its structured electronic communication. Another reason for professional EDI outsourcing was the complicated structure of the SAP information system, which runs on the servers of the parent company Henkell & Co. in Germany and that Bohemia Sekt uses as a service. It was necessary to ensure the implementation of EDI so that no data loss occurred and the standard operation (document circulation) in the company was not restricted.

The supplier, who was originally selected for the introduction of EDI, managed to start the process of electronic communication, but was unable to ensure the continuity of normal operation. All modifications, updates and improvements had to be handled through the German parent company, which together with the need to manage and monitor the communication software brought a lot of worries and additional work. BOHEMIA SEKT therefore decided to change its EDI provider in 2008.

The perfect solution turned out to be the ORiON EDI service from GRiT (formerly CCV Information Systems), which does not require any specialized hardware or software and the only thing the user uses is any of the commonly available Internet browsers.

Several changes have been made

Thanks to the cooperation with the headquarters in Germany and the company GRiT, the connection took place without the need for any interventions in the system and without the slightest complications. The full deployment of the ORiON EDI solution took place within 14 days of the signing of the contract. Thanks to the intuitive web interface, the service was also immediately accepted by direct users in the company (accounting office).

Return on the project during the first year was 5,43 (in the second year, 14,14).

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ORiON EDI is a professional service with which we have no worries. The solution is very friendly for end users who can easily access EDI messages also via the web interface and from anywhere. EDI communication in connection with any wine brand that belongs among products of Bohemia Sekt group is loaded via ORiON EDI into one common SAP system, which we use within the entire group, which is invaluable for us.

Jan Regnar, IT manager
Bohemia Sekt
That makes sense, right?

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