Change of EDI services provider improved relationships with our customers

Total annual savings 3000 EUR

3 days of work saved monthly

Original state and problem

The initial impetus for the introduction of EDI is usually a request from the customer, often a retail chain with a strong negotiating position. It was no different at SINTRA, where they initially launched EDI communication with METRO Cash & Carry SR. Until then, the circulation of orders and invoices functioned inefficiently in paper form. Orders were received by fax or e-mail and were manually transcribed from the papers into the Softip information system. A delivery note and an invoice were then generated and printed in it, which were sent to the customer together with the goods.

The specificity of SINTRA is the existence of two distribution warehouses (Bratislava and Poprad), which it uses to load its customers faster and more flexibly. All exchange of business documents takes place through the Bratislava headquarters and it was therefore necessary to simplify the administration associated with distribution to customers from the "right" warehouse.

How it all went

SINTRA initially used the so-called "webEDI", a web-based EDI communication solution that is not integrated into the information system. However, the use of the benefits that EDI brings to business and logistics processes is only limited in this case. Although the service meets the requirements of business partners in the role of customers, the supplier must fill in the documents in the web application manually and it is not possible to create them automatically directly from the information system.

In 2011, SINTRA started using the ORiON EDI solution, provided by GRiT in the form of service (SaaS - Software as a Service). Therefore, there was no need to purchase any hardware or software and at the same time, there were no worries associated with the supervision and management of electronic data interchange, which is completely provided by the solution provider.

All document transfer takes place via secure VAN networks. The ORION EDI solution itself, which ensures the transmission of millions of business documents per month, meets the strictest security requirements.

Several changes have been made

With the number of documents that SINTRA exchanges with their customers via the ORION application, the saved time of an administrative worker corresponds to 3 work days per month.

35% of SINTRA's customers are currently involved in EDI.

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Thanks to e-mail notifications, we know almost immediately that a specific invoice has been rejected, so we can start resolving the situation immediately. Payments from customers are not withheld unnecessarily, which helps our cash flow.

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