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Thanks to WMS, you will multiply the speed and performance of warehouse

Warehouse management system (WMS) speeds up dispatch of orders, makes records and inventory movements clearer, minimizes error rate and automates tens of warehouse processes.

You will see the results in costs, sales and satisfaction of customers and warehouse workers

by 80%

acceleration of picking goods from warehouse

2h daily

time saving for every warehouse worker

by 99%

reduction in errors during dispatch
warehouse management system

Everything that WMS will help you with

And it will improve your warehouse beyond recognition

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Process orders faster

Managed warehouse will find the shortest route to goods from the order and show it to a warehouse worker on a portable reader. Warehouse workers, thus, do not have to remember the location of goods and do not wander.

Minimize errors and confusions of goods

Warehouse worker will scan a barcode of the good being picked and WMS will confirm that they are taking the correct item. You will save warehouse workers a lot of nerve when collecting similar goods.

Have a 100% overview of inventory levels

In the managed warehouse, you can see in detail the movement of inventory and its distribution on a graphic map. You record the batch, serial numbers or expiration date of the goods and also determine the picking strategy.

Collect detailed and understandable data

KPIs, reports and evaluation are at your fingertips. For example, you will know which warehouse worker is the most efficient or which makes the most mistakes. You can optimize processes based on the data.

Improve your customer service

You will handle the goods faster, so your customers will wait less, even in the peak season. You will eliminate complaints caused by goods confusions and you will monitor the inventory level even on the way to the customer.

Always work with the latest version

WMS can be obtained as a cloud service, so you always have the latest version, access from anywhere and the most modern data centers take care of your data. We will connect the service with ERP or your e-shop.

We will guide you through the implementation, train the warehouse workers and we will lend you a helping hand even after 5 years


We'll get to know each other, and come

We will arrange a meeting at which our expert on managed warehousing will discuss your situation with you and assess if and how our solution can help you. If you have requirements that we cannot fulfil we know how to say no. We won't mislead you.


We implement

When you decide to go for it with us, we will assign to you one of our consultants who will guide you through the entire WMS implementation process. Depending on the difficulty, it will take a few weeks or months. We can even do it during operation and completely online.

We will create a map of your warehouse and setup your readers.
We will connect the WMS with your ERP system, e-shop or other tools.
In one day, we will train all your employees who will work with the managed warehouse.
We will help you with the initial stocktaking and put the system into operation.

We maintain

Once introduced into live operation, customer support will be available for you to contact with any question or request. You will also have your own account manager who will be in regular contact with you.

These companies already have advantages of managed warehousing in their warehouses

Our expert will guide you through the change

Miroslav Králík

Mirek is the head of implementation department. With his team, he guides customers from the design of the optimal solution for the warehouse to the actual deployment of the WMS system.

Thanks to the managed warehouse, we have a detailed overview of inventory movements and due to the perfect orientation in the warehouse, we have accelerated picking by an average of 40%.

Petr Vinduška
Project Manager, PEVI
☝️ We have already fine-tuned their warehouse processes. Now it's your turn.

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