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Are you bothered by long maturity of invoices? Thanks to the Roger Payment service, you will get paid in 3 days.
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ROGER Payment

Roger shortens invoice maturities to just 3 days

Since 2013, the Roger payment institution has been connecting investors with entrepreneurs who are bothered by long invoice maturities. Thanks to the unique investment platform, Roger shortens long maturities to 3 days.

Hundreds of companies rely on Roger to accelerate cash flow. Roger is a company verified by Czech National Bank. In 2020, Roger merged with one of the largest players in the banking market – Komerční banka. Together with it, it further streamlines and digitizes the area of operational finance.  

Since 2013, Roger Payment's factoring has financed invoices worth more than 11.3 billion CZK.

Acceleration of your cash flow in three steps thanks to Roger payment

We will offer you the best terms

Based on the size of the customer and the length of maturity, we will offer you the most advantageous terms.

You will setup financing parameters

In the ORiON interface, you will set the range of invoices that you want to finance for individual customers.

Money will be in your account in 3 days

You will get 75% of the value of the invoice in 3 days. The remaining 25% after payment by the customer.

How does it work?

Roger payment is a service that can process and finance electronic invoices in the EDI format. GRiT is the provider of EDI communication, Roger provides administration and financing of invoices before maturity.

In the ORiON EDI, just select the customers you want to finance – Roger will automatically process these invoices and send money to your account within 3 days. All this online and without the need for guaranteeing minimum volumes.

Advantages of Roger Payment


You will set which invoices you want to finance in the ORiON interface. You will save time and unnecessary administration.


Thanks to the electronic document interchange, the whole financing process is fast. Money will be in your account in 3 days.

Price and terms

The price and all other terms are known beforehand. You won't get any hidden fees or footnotes.


Transmission and archiving of documents takes place via the ORiON interface. The information about your business cases are, thus, always safe.

Without paperwork

Activation and subsequent financing process take place electronically. Once you set up the service, invoices are sent automatically.


You can use the Roger Payment service according to your current needs. If it doesn't suit you, turn it off with one click.

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