Perfumery Douglas: 99% of documents are processed automatically

Papers no longer pile up on tables of accountants

99% of all documents automatically

Original state and problem

The Douglas perfume retail chain has long struggled with practices and inaccuracies in the process of processing received invoices and the associated large amount of communication.

According to the analysis, the processing of received invoices was one of the most laborious internal processes. The whole process of processing received invoices suffered mainly from two ailments: great laboriousness in entering data from invoices into the accounting system and poor circulation of invoices in the company.

How it all went

Papers piled up on the tables of responsible employees, and if a reminder of an unpaid invoice came, it was often very difficult to trace the status of the payable. Determining whether it is possible to pay the invoice and the related communication across the company and with the supplier, extended the entire process and employed forty employees from store managers, managers to administrative and accounting staff.

Approving the documents physically in paper form made it difficult to find out where and in what condition the invoice is located. This has generated unnecessary maturity problems and tensions with suppliers. In addition, the finance department lacked information on the amount of payables in the approval processes.

The deployment of the iNVOiCE FLOW solution took Douglas 2 months, including test (learning) operation, where the artificial intelligence contained in the solution "learns" to search for correct data on invoices, whether it is PDF attachments in e-mails or scanned paper invoices from the post office. Automatic receipt of documents in a structured form (EDI, ISDOC, IDOC, etc.) is a matter of course. As a result, the operator now manually processes only one received invoice out of a hundred and can devote the time saved to other work.

Several changes have been made

After deploying the iNVOiCE FLOW solution, 99% of invoices are processed automatically. The company thus freed employees from inefficient manual rewriting of received invoices, speeded up and clarified approvals and simplified the entry of documents into the accounting system.

Thanks to the electronic workflow, the number of inquiries about documents has decreased tenfold and the number of invoices that the company pays overdue is 75 percent lower.

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The main motive for choosing iNVOiCE FLOW was that it reliably covers the processing of invoices as a whole with a complete sequence of processes. At first, there were concerns about how we would handle the change, but after the first 14 days, the key users were excited about the work savings.

Milan Švihla
Parfumerie Douglas
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