We are your process automation guide

With our solutions, we save both small and larger companies time and money.

We are the biggest experts in automating the flow of documents, goods and money in Central Europe. For more than 30 years, we have been making business more efficient for companies. We are a Czech company, founded in 1992 (formerly CCV Information Systems),and as one of the few on the Czech market, we offer a comprehensive solution for optimization of company (customer-supplier) processes.

We do not resell or implement third-party systems, and we prioritize the development of our own cloud services.

We have made work easier for many companies

We asked 400 of our customers if they would recommend us to others. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. 73% of customers would highly recommend GRiT and another 18% are satisfied with the services.

In our team, you will find the best experts in their field

We have a team full of experts who will guide you through the process change, explain everything and answer questions.

Lubomír Veselý
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Dalibor Damborský
Founder and Co-owner
Roman Fuchs
CDO (Chief Delivery Officer)
Pavel Růžek
CSO (Chief Sales Officer)
František Budín
Head of GRiT Design
David Snášel
Head of Development
Libor Sedláček
HR Manager

We have been developing our own team for more than 30 years

We have a team full of experts who will guide you through the processchange, explain everything and answer questions. Values that have been unitingus for more than 30 years


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GRiT‘s ten commandments

Thanks to our tenacity, flexibility, adaptability and resilience, wegain an edge that helps us be first = we are GRiT-ers.


We are messengers of digitization

We are rapidly expanding and thickening the customer network.


We have data and we are not afraid to use it

We work with customer data. Thanks to this, we improve our know-how and propose optimal solutions to companies.


We revolve around key customers

We focus primarily on key customers.


Our greatest strength is in synergy

We create and deliver synergistic and repeatable solutions.


We are number one at puzzles

Our solutions for our customers consist of our products and we are not afraid to use the services of third parties.


We support evolution

We do not drive the customer into a digital revolution, but we support him in gradual evolution.


Advise, not discourage

Behind our solutions is a team of collaborating experts.


We pull together

We grow thanks to the cooperation of GRiT processes.


We facilitate cooperation for companies

With our solutions, we eliminate problems in the supply-customer chain.


We know what’s trendy

Our products reflect what the market really needs – and will need even in a few years.

Our history

We are a Czech company, founded in 1992 (previously CCV Information systems), and as one of the few on the Czech market, we offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing business (customer-supplier) processes. We do not resell or implement third-party systems and we focus primarily on developing our own cloud services.

We found the CCV company

We found the CCV company and start selling the NPro enterprise information system for business companies. We focus on development of custom ERP systems and acquisitions of mainly building materials industry companies.


We acquire the Generis company

We acquire the Generis company which has experience with Oracle technologies and we are launching our first EDI projects. We are preparing acorporate portfolio of solutions to transition to the Navision platform (now Microsoft Dynamics).


Our own warehouse system

We realize the first implementation of our own warehouse system (WMS) at the customer's site. We are also beginning to develop and deliver portal solutions and special registries for government on the Oracle product platform.


Our 1,000th customer

In this year, we acquire our 1,000th customer. Until then, we reorganizedthe company structure, established a branch in Slovakia and collected manyawards - at Microsoft Industry Awards for the best solution or for the bestproduct at the international INVEX festival.


Change into GRiT

The warehouse solution LOKiA WMS is awarded as IT Product of the Year,we innovate the iNVOiCE FLOW service and change into GRiT. We abandon the sale of third-party products, move completely to the cloud and fully devote ourselves to developing our own solutions.


Leader in the Czech market

We have moved up to being the EDI leader in the Czech market and a leading supplier of cloud services. We manage IT projects for more than 2,500 customers and know best practice, including differences in individual fields.


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