Significant savings in logistics at PEVI

98% reduction in shipping errors

Much lower demands on employees

Original state and problem

After a thorough analysis of warehouse processes, PEVI discovered two major problems. The first was an inaccurate record of the goods in stock, when there were differences between the accounting stock and the actual stock. It so happened that information on the number of items could be found in the accounting program, but it was no longer possible to find out where the goods were actually located and whether they were in that number. The warehouse workers were thus forced to look for it in a complicated way, calculate and then compare and re-register stocks in the warehouse.

The second problem was in the area of personnel. At PEVI, they struggled with fewer warehouse workers than needed. This caused higher work time, i.e. overtime, which caused employee dissatisfaction and higher costs. The need for commodity knowledge also seemed problematic. It took warehouse workers about 6 months to learn to distinguish subtle differences in the stored assortment. This lengthy training of new employees caused several of them to leave during the probational period.

How it all went

PEVI therefore decided to solve these problems using a warehousing system. The condition for the selection was that the system allows addressable registration of stocks in the warehouse. And it should be easy and intuitive to use. Other conditions were the modularity of the system and the requirement to continuously add functionalities according to the expected growth of the company.

In the end, LOKiA WMS succeeded in the tender. The main reason why PEVI opted for this solution was the modularity of the system, where it is possible to start stocking first with a lean version of the software and gradually add other modules. So LOKiA grows together with the customer.

Several changes have been made

The number of complaints was minimized, confusions of goods were eliminated and the need for goods knowledge was eliminated. Thus, the error rate of the sent goods was reduced by 98% and its removal from storage was accelerated by 40%.

Overall, the workload was reduced and the working time stabilized at 8 hours from the original 10.5.

Already in the first month after the introduction of the LOKiA warehouse system, PEVI calculated a saving of CZK 100,000.

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In the past, we were bothered by overtime of warehouse workers, which was caused precisely by the fact that the warehouse worker wandered inefficiently in the warehouse, which disproportionately increased the time needed to ship the goods. The introduction of WMS gave us a detailed overview of warehouse movements and helped to optimize work with goods.

Petr Vinduška, Project Manager
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