Use of Payment by Roger for operational financing of a Czech audio system manufacturer

Financed in the amount of CZK 62 mil.

Average interest rate is only 4,41%

Original state and problem

AQ's long-term goal is to expand its own brand product portfolio. Among other things, they will open a new showroom in Brno this year. In order for a company to implement its projects, it needs to obtain sufficient funds.

In the 25 years of its existence, AQ has grown in such a way that it is not possible to finance it from only one source and it is necessary to find a suitable combination of several products. As AQ's factoring exceeded the bank's set credit limit, AQ decided to try out-of-bank financing options and include them in its financial portfolio.

Several changes have been made

The maximum drawn limit is 17 986 304 Kč

Reduce invoice maturity to 3 days

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We have been using Komerční banka's factoring for 5 years. We stopped using it due to long approval processes, fees for contract changes related to adding a new customer, problems with financing customers from Slovakia and a low set limit. Payment by Roger solved these problems.

Karel Svoboda, founder
Acoustique Quality
That makes sense, right?

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