Faster approval and less work with received invoices at Netbox

50 hours less work with invoices

Clear and fast approval process

Original state and problem

Previously, Netbox processed received invoices manually. The invoicer accepted and checked the document, had it approved by the management and then rewrote it into the ERP system. This work took him about two thirds of his working time, i.e. more than 100 hours a month.

They also needed to simplify the invoice approval process. In a joint-stock company, some invoices must be seen by members of the board of directors, so the approval wheel is usually very long. In Netbox, they approved invoices in an ERP system, in which only a limited number of users can work at a time.

How it all went

In this case, the choice of a system for automating the processing and approval of documents went without a tender - when the offer came from GRiT, Netbox did not hesitate for a long time. "GRiT presented its solution to us and impressed us. That's why we didn't even consider other suppliers," says Martin Ryšavý, CFO of Netbox.

And the very first steps of the cooperation confirmed the good impression. “GRiT analyzed the approval processes and set up iNVOiCE FLOW to meet our needs. Of course, sometimes there were complications, as a company working with sensitive data we have above-standard requirements from the point of view of GDPR, we had a complex connection to ERP and sometimes the invoices in the approval process got where they shouldn't have. But over time, it settled down,” describes Šárka Pavelková, the chief accountant, describing the beginnings with the system.

The Netbox accountant was also pleased with how quickly the artificial intelligence system learns on its own and increases its success in extracting from invoices.

Several changes have been made

The system iNVOiCE FLOW saved 50 hours of work monthly.

The invoicer has two-thirds less work.

At Netbox, they have completely cancelled paper invoices.

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I've got positive feedback even from those that approve invoices. The approvers receive notifications, it is possible to add attachments to invoices, they can view invoices also from a mobile phone – the whole process is now much more user-friendly. Plus, we don't have to remind anyone,

Šárka Pavelková, main accountant
That makes sense, right?

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