Remote deployment of warehouse system at UDERMAN

100% increase in shipped goods

Reduction in demands on employees

Original state and problem

At UDERMAN, they quickly saw for themselves how inefficient it is to work and manage storage in Excel spreadsheets. This growing Slovak company, which operates several e-shops under the FOXIGY brand, needed to move with the increasing number of orders and the range of products from confusing Excel spreadsheets to sophisticated warehouse software.

LOKiA WMS was able to cover all the requirements that UDERMAN had for the operation of the warehouse. The advantage was also a favourable price, which had no competition with regard to the required performance. The deployment of a warehouse system in UDERMAN's warehouse not only brought an immediate improvement in warehouse processes, but also gave rise to a unique deployment of warehouse software without the presence of a supplier.

How it all went

Effective implementation over the Internet

Communication between the companies took place through conference calls, during which questions about the use of the system were answered and all processes were set up. Only a package with barcode readers completed the only physical journey.

Based on the jointly defined requirements for the method of marking storage areas, GRiT specialists prepared background documents for the employees of UDERMAN in the form of precise instructions and procedures on how to carry out the marking. Thus, the places have been marked by barcode labels, on the basis of which the entire warehouse was drawn on a graphic map.

The LOKiA WMS system was then connected online in real time via an open REST API technology with the other internal accounting systems and the e-shop. This was followed by a complete training of the warehouse staff via shared screens, the scope of which corresponded to the common physical deployment at the customer. After a short test period, the system was put into full operation.

Several changes have been made

The system helped separate the need for personal communication between warehouse and administration staff. The presence of the invoicer during the receipt and shipping of goods is history.

There has also been a reduction in the demands on warehouse employees, who now do not have to remember or find out all the information about the stored goods in a complicated way, but have them easily accessible in the application on barcode readers.

A reliable warehousing system has become one of the prerequisites for increasing warehouse space, which has also led to the creation of new jobs. The volume of shipped goods increased by 100% and there was an overall increase in sales.

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We deployed the LOKiA warehouse software ourselves with the help of remote support from GRiT consultants. Working with barcode readers and the system as a whole is simple and intuitive. Everyone should be able to handle it. The warehouse works as it should and to this day it was not necessary for us to meet GRiT employees in person.

Jakub Uderman, Managing Director
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