E-shop with barefoot footwear Bosonožka speeded up processing of returns by 65%

Acceleration of stocktaking from one month to 2 days

100% substitutability of warehouse workers

Original state and problem

Before the implementation of the WMS system, the barefoot footwear e-shop Bosonožka handled most of the warehouse processes with pencil and paper. When receiving the goods, employees placed invoices on the delivered shoes and manually checked that their number fit. They then moved to the computer with the invoices and started editing the stock cards. The whole process was time-consuming and many errors occurred due to manual transcription, such as stocking the wrong product or giving the wrong product name.

Shipping the goods was also complicated. Every morning, employees printed out a list of newly arrived orders, and those who knew the warehouse began picking. However, the problem arose when the main warehouse worker or a few people from the administration got sick - only they carried the map of the warehouse in their heads. As a result, there was a decrease in the performance of the warehouse, as well as frequent confusions of goods and complaints.

How it all went

In the spring of 2022, based on the auditor's recommendation, the Brno company requested GRiT and the LOKiA WMS warehouse system. Compared to other systems, they liked that the LOKiA system is clear and intuitive and can be connected to the Shoptet e-shop solution.

The introduction of the WMS system in Bosonožka made the receipt and processing of orders significantly more efficient. Thanks to the automatic scanning of barcodes during stocking, employees no longer have to manually enter data into the computer. The system will automatically store the items and they will appear faster on the e-shop. However, the biggest benefit is the significant acceleration of returns and exchanges, which barefoot footwear e-shops often struggle with. Thanks to the new system, they place the returns in the returns rack, and the system then automatically guides the warehouse workers where to look for them in case of the next order. The implementation of the WMS system also greatly accelerated the stocktaking, which can now be done in just 2 days instead of a month, as it was before.

Several changes have been made

Changing the storage and retrieval strategy and the associated more efficient use of warehouse capacity.

An overview of all goods in stock and their quick traceability.

An overview of all goods in stock and their quick traceability.

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We were surprised how quickly our warehouse workers switched to WMS. We have people who, when they started, expected to solve everything with pencil and paper. They were not ready to work with technology. Nevertheless, today everyone praises working with WMS, and even shows an interest in getting to know the system more deeply and learning new things with it.

Zuzana Sovjáková Koubková
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