3E PROJEKT saved 2 jobs thanks to iNVOiCE FLOW

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2 jobs saved, faster document processing

Original state and problem

Previously, accountants at 3E PROJEKT had to go through endless stacks of paper invoices. Prior to the deployment of iNVOiCE FLOW in January 2019, most invoices came to the 3E PROJEKT headquarters by mail. The receptionist scanned them and assigned them to the people in charge. It often happened that the scans could not be traced back - either they were incorrectly assigned or the receptionist forgot to upload them to the system.

The whole process was inefficient and took an unnecessary amount of time. Therefore, the management decided to automate the processing of invoices and replace paper documents with electronic ones.

How it all went

From the beginning, 3E PROJECT employees were concerned. They weren't sure if the new e-invoicing software would connect to their information system Premier. They were also afraid of the functionality of the workflow - i.e. electronic approval of documents. They knew that companies around them that used this feature in their business systems were not completely satisfied. The accountants were concerned the most. They could not imagine how they would post invoices if they did not receive them in paper form.

Interconnection with the system Premier was successful

However, colleagues' concerns about the change did not discourage the management of 3E PROJEKT. They pursued their goal of increasing work efficiency and chose the iNVOiCE FLOW solution from GRiT. They had a good experience with us, because they already used ORiON, which provides EDI communication. The deployment itself took two months. The GRiT consultant worked on how best to connect iNVOiCE FLOW with the Premier information system. Together with the Premier representative, they set everything up so that the documents were correctly divided into the appropriate administrative units.

The company 3E PROJEKT includes several smaller companies and the system must recognize to which it should assign the invoice.

Several changes have been made

The transition from paper to electronic documents meant a big change for the whole company. One employee could not adapt to it and left. "Others got used very quickly and today take iNVOiCE FLOW for granted. I know from the directors of the individual departments that they are satisfied with the system," says Šárka Macurová.

The electronic workflow system works very well and saves a lot of time. However, it demanded a change in established procedures.

The documents now come to the company directly in electronic form (usually as a PDF attachment). In addition, automated processing has eliminated the mistakes that people naturally make when working with documents.

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I really appreciate GRiT's technical support during and after the implementation. We could contact the consultant at any time and they helped us with everything.

Šárka Macurová
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