How we saved Pilulka one million crowns a year

We saved 1 million CZK in a year

90% increase in operational efficiency

Original state and problem

Our client's business stopped growing. Due to unnecessary administration and lack of employees, they had to suspend the inclusion of new products in their offer and the recruitment of new suppliers.

Administrative work was already overflowing their heads. All the information from the delivery notes had to be rewritten by their employees and they could not afford to spend more money on new and new people.

How it all went

Cooperation with began in January 2019. During the introductory meeting, we talked about the current situation and the opportunities we can offer our clients. We discovered the problem of unnecessary administrative work and long unloading times in stock.

We helped with implementation

The first step to beginning a successful process automation at our client was the implementation of electronic data interchange, which helped the client with the distribution of messages among business partners. uses the Pohoda corporate system for its work, so we connected the client's solution to his information system using our plug-in, which allows the system to connect to an EDI provider.

Streamlining warehouse

In the next step, we focused on streamlining work in the warehouse. Thanks to our implementation of electronic data interchange, suppliers began to send electronic delivery notes, including purchase prices. We have deployed our solution in the warehouse, thanks to which these documents are automatically imported into the warehouse system, where employees on receipt without any data entry using electronic readers check whether the correct piece of goods has arrived.

Constant development

After successful implementation and introduction into live operation, we are constantly in contact with the client and looking for new ways to better automation.

Several changes have been made

Electronic delivery notes are automatically imported into the warehouse system, so employees do not have to check and rewrite documents manually.

Receipt warehouse workers use warehouse readers, which help speed up warehouse operations and thus have an overview of the condition of the goods

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Thanks to GRiT and the introduction of EDI, we can scale our business without having to hire new people.

Michal Hanáček
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