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Save time, nerves and money on unnecessary paperwork

We will help your company with digitization of documents and warehouse processes.
With the help of modern cloud tools, we will speed up your flow of documents, goods and money and eliminate routine work.
Together, we will launch your gritical thinking.

We have walked hundreds of trading and manufacturing companies through the process of digitization.

We are increasing employee efficiency

Your invoicers will stop manually transcribing documents into the enterprise system, warehouse workers do not have to remember exact positions.

We will fulfil what we promise

We will come up with a solution that will help your accounting or warehouse processes the most. If we are not 100% sure that it will help you, we will not go into it.

We tidy up data

Our solutions include simple reporting tools where you can quickly find inventory level and also all approved invoices.

We can build a time machine

Our algorithms will solve the routine activities for you. With us, you can solve activities that usually take tens of minutes in a few seconds. Time is money.

We help companies with the transition to electronic data interchange (EDI)

Are you a small business and a customer wants you to implement electronic data interchange (EDI)? Leave it to us. We will arrange the transition to EDI and the implementation of processes for you and thanks to the simple web solution webEDI, it will cost you almost nothing.

I need to implement EDI

Don't be alone in it, let yourself be guided

Our experts will be at your disposal during the first call and years after implementation.
Your employees do not have to have an IT degree - we will take care of the technical part.
We will make sure that the transition does not limit the operation of your company.

We get in touch, and come

We will arrange a meeting and our expert will discuss your situation with you in detail. When they have enough information, they will offer you a suitable solution or tell you fairly that our solution is not suitable for your situation.


We implement

When we come to an agreement, we will assign a specialist to your project who will be your disposal throughout the implementation. Together we will plan specific steps and target KPIs for the next period, which we will monitor.


We develop

We are here for you even after the introduction of our solution into production. We will meet for regular maintenance and technical support will always be ready for your questions. We are also constantly improving the systems and adding new features to them.

We didn't want to waste time on administration that can be easily automated. Thanks to process automation, we can grow and manage fluctuations in demand, even if the costs of the affected processes remain the same.

Michal Hanáček
Chief Operating Office, Pilulka Pharmacies
👆 We have already fine-tuned the processes for them, now it's your turn.

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