3x faster invoice processing thanks to iNVOiCE FLOW

Saving of 60 hours of work monthly

Minimal errors and digitization of invoices

Original state and problem

Prior to the introduction of iNVOiCE FLOW, the company processed all documents manually. The responsible person had to scan the paper invoices, name them, save them on a company disk, have them approved and then enter them into the accounting system. It was similar for electronic invoices, only instead of scanning, the invoices were printed first. The distinction between paid and unpaid invoices (some invoices have already been paid in advance) or the fact that MoroSystems, as a company, covers three separate companies with their own identification data, complicated the whole process.

The situation at MoroSystems was all the more complicated because no one had invoicing in the main job description. In the freer moments, it was catered for by two internal people, which kept them from their duties, and by an external invoicer, who came to the company only twice a week. Thus, she wasn't always at hand. "We felt that the company could not function like this in the 21st century," says Kamila Burgerová, the company's financial controller.

How it all went

During the market research, they came across the iNVOiCE FLOW solution, which, according to the description, met all their requirements. In addition, thanks to the low purchase price, they could easily try it out without taking unnecessary risks.

However, the implementation of the tool was more complicated. It was complicated in particular by the fact that there are three separate companies operating under MoroSystems. Thus, the differentiation of individual invoices and the entire approval process were much addressed. It was also difficult to connect to the Money S3 system, which is owned by an external accounting firm and people from MoroSystems access it only remotely.

Several changes have been made

MoroSystems estimates that processing one invoice now takes 5 minutes on average - three times less than before. The company no longer needs an external invoicer and handles everything internally.

The company completely got rid of paper documents, streamlined the approval process, minimized the number of errors. And even though it wasn't the original intention, iNVOiCE FLOW also helped it manage a long Covid home office.

At MoroSystems, they are satisfied with the tool and are already dealing with future developments with GRiT. For example, they are currently working to automate the retransmission of selected information from posted invoices from the accounting system so that they have complete control over the flow of invoices.

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We have saved approximately half of one working time, an estimated 60 hours per month. In addition, there is much better overview of the documents, we see the entire history of the invoice, we know at whom it now is, nothing gets lost. We also feel that the approvers now feel more responsible for the invoices.

Iva Šmerdová
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