Electronic data interchange thanks to ORiON EDI

Solution for quick and easy electronic document interchange. Thanks to the ORiON EDI service, you will save time, nerves and money. Exchange documents with your suppliers and customers.

Easy document interchange

ORiON EDI means available, quick and easy document interchange between a supplier and a customer.

Interconnection with other systems

Easy connection to your enterprise system: Pohoda, Helios, ABRA, MS Dynamics, SAP, FlexiBee, Money and many others.

You will save time – and that means money

The main thing: you will never have to manually rewrite documents again, you will save a lot of time, money and nerves. Errors? Zero percent.

Wide network and high trust

More than 2,500 customers trust this service, of which 96% recommend it to other companies.

Save time and nerves with unnecessary rewriting of paper documents

electronic document interchange

ORiON EDI: get rid of unnecessary work with your documents

EDI využívá více než 2000 našich klientů – a ví proč

ORiON EDI is a system for electronic document interchange (EDI) such as orders, invoices, despatch advices, price lists, product catalogs, inventory levels, logistics documents and others.

It is a solution provided as a service (SaaS), which ensures paperless processing of purchase and sales through exchange of structured documents in electronic form. Unlike PDF invoices sent by e-mail, this type of communication is traceable, secure and data transfer between systems works completely automatically without manual rewriting. EDI is a flexible communication technology for large companies, small local producers and logistics service providers (LSP).

In addition to direct connection to information system (ERP), a web application can also be used for working with documents, which enables putting EDI into operation even for those for whom introduction into their system does not suit or who do not even have any information system.

effective flow of documents

ORiON EDI for everybody

We have two variants for you and it is suitable to choose between them according to the volume of documents that you exchange monthly with your business partners.

You transfer 20 and more documents monthly

Are you a large producer or a wholesaler with a complex ERP system and a complex structure of business and logistics processes?

We will help you integrate ORiON EDI directly into the system (we have experience with more than 250 domestic and foreign systems), connect your customers and train your employees in detail, all this quickly, without high costs.

You transfer less than 20 documents monthly

Are you a smaller supplier without technological IT background, without your own information system? Are you outsourcing your accounting to an external company or are you just unsure that EDI will pay off for you?

You can use a simple web application, called webEDI, for which you only need an Internet browser. You will, thus, meet, e.g. a customer's requirement to introduce EDI communication with minimum initial costs and almost immediately.

We will guide you through the implementation and train the employees


Consultation on a suitable solution

You will discuss your situation in the company with our expert and we will recommend which solution is suitable for you. Sometimes, it is necessary for launching EDI communication to meet certain conditions that most suppliers usually already meet and with which we can also help you; or, at least, direct you. This can be, for example, the ownership of GLN code.


Implementation of EDI into enterprise system

This step will not be used by smaller companies, for which the webEDI variant is more advantageous and affordable. In cooperation with the ERP integrator, it is necessary to ensure modifications, setup and connection of EDI communication. Above all, it is necessary to prepare the so-called in-house formats of individual documents for input and output into the information system. Our specialist will advise you on which formats to choose. In principle, it is possible to connect EDI to any information system. We connect to more than 250 ERPs.


Testing and full EDI launch

The testing phase takes about a month. It begins by creating verification messages that we check for their accuracy and completeness. Then, the documents flow both through EDI and in the "old" way. If everything works as it should, the original channel is cut off and the documents only flow electronically in a structured form.

ORiON EDI helps
e-shops and manufacturing companies

Related services of ORiON EDI

ORiON EDI is not just electronic data interchange.

Roger Payment
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Money for invoices immediately. Do you need to shorten the maturity of your invoices? Thanks to Roger Payment, you will get paid in 3 days. Verified by CNB, free in the ORiON EDI interface.

Electronic invoicing
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ORiON enables issuing and receiving invoices in electronic form in PDF and other formats in bulk via e-mail. Integration with your ERP, archiving in accordance with the paragraphs.

SSCC for despatch advice
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Acceleration of logistics thanks to SSCC codes for customers and suppliers. Unambiguous marking of pallets, easy control of deliveries, 100% accuracy when entering into the system.

Trustworthy archiving
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Trustworthy electronic archive: archive invoices, orders and other originals of electronic documents of your company electronically and securely.

more about ORiON PDF2EDI

PDF2EDI is a service intended for suppliers who use EDI and would like to use the data transmission also for customers whose orders do not come electronically but, e.g. scanned in PDF by e-mail.

Delivery tracking
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As soon as your customer confirms receipt of the goods, a difference message is sent, which contains a comparison of the data on the receipt and the despatch advice, emphasizing the differences in lines and their quantification.

Thanks to EDI, we at Henkel process orders faster and there are no confusions of goods, which is an advantage for customer service. At Lidl, thanks to EDI invoices, they do not have rewrite documents manually – the invoice is automatically loaded and written to the enterprise system.

Eva Malíková, EDI/ECR Project Manager
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