Trustworthy archiving

ORiON Trustworthy electronic archive serves for archiving electronic invoices, electronic orders and other originals of company's electronic documents. ORiON eArchive will ensure data protection and allow you to easily prove the origin and authenticity of originals of electronic documents. It will prevent the loss of documents and unauthorized access to archived documents and it will preserve their content.

Maintaining integrity

You will ensure the integrity of documents and the immutability and authenticity of electronic originals in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Reduction of space costs

By digitizing paper documents, you save on space for their archiving.

Easy traceability

Documents are always easy to find – you don't have to rummage through piles of files and folders.

Document protection

The service protects documents with access based on authorization and regularly strengthens the protection with stronger security.

ORION trustworthy e-archive

e-Documents in a safe place

ORiON Trustworthy electronic archive can be used in the form of service (SaaS – Software as a Service), when documents are stored in the highly secure Amazon AWS data centre. At the same time, GRiT possesses an ISO 27001 certificate for information management system.

Why trustworthy electronic archiving?

Reduction of administrative demands

Unlike paper documents, electronic documents reduce administration demands, enable faster processing, are more accessible and at the same time, require less space.

Need for long-term archiving

Similar to paper documents, there is also an objective need in each organization for long-term archiving of electronic documents for the purpose of documenting the origin and authenticity of documents.

Origin of electronic documents

Requirements for the unquestionable preservation of the authenticity and origin of electronic documents are set by legislation, in particular by Act No. 227/2000 Coll. On electronic signature as amended.

What ORiON eArchive can do

inserting, reading, searching for a document
protection against unauthorized access to documents
document loss protection
preservation of the authenticity of the content even after any period of time has elapsed
protection against modification
creation of metadata
verification and proof of origin of documents
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