Shipment tracking

The ORiON EDI solution is the only one on the market that allows the use of a smart assistant to monitor the receipt of shipments, which contributes to more accurate invoicing and thus helps the company's cash flow.

How shipment tracking works

Confirmation of receipt of goods and difference message

As soon as your buyer confirms receipt of the goods, the assistant for tracking shipment receipt sends a difference message, which compares the data on a warehouse receipt and the data on a despatch advice, highlighting the lines with differences, including quantification of the difference.

Journal for difference messages

Within the ORiON EDI solution, the difference messages are collected neatly in a separate journal.

The assistant for tracking shipment receipt sends you an e-mail notification of your delivery receipt according to your needs.

Delay tracking: goods have been sent, customer has not confirmed the receipt

At the same time, the service tracks the delay that occurs when the goods have already been physically sent to the customer but they still have not received them in the system. Such cases can be monitored and any unusual events resolved immediately with the buyer (while the issue is fresh).

Advantages of Shipment tracking service

Automatic comparison of data

Finding out any difference on warehouse receipt and despatch advice.

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Accurate information about the receipt of goods

Identification of differences created during the delivery of goods.

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Flawless issuing of invoices

Reduction in the number of credit memos and reduction in the so-called logistics claims.

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Current overview of goods

An overview of goods that can be invoiced based on confirmation of receipt by the buyer.

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E-mail notification

Immediate notification in case of discrepancy between data on a warehouse receipt and on a despatch advice.

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Overview of goods

An overview of goods that haven't been received by the buyer in their system and that therefore, cannot be invoiced.

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shipment tracking Assistant

How does the assistant w?

And bad kerning does keep me up at night.

1. You deliver the goods and send a despatch advice to the buyer.
2. The buyer receives the goods and sends a warehouse receipt.
3. You receive a message from the assistant, whether the receipt agrees with the despatch advice.
4. You invoice with the certainty of correct invoice data.

If you receive from the assistant a message that information on the receipt and on the despatch advice do not agree, you will immediately know where the difference is without searching in the documents.

Thus, you can start resolving this difference with the despatch department or the buyer before the invoicing itself.

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