PDF2EDI is a service intended for all suppliers who use ORiON EDI and would like to use the efficient way of data transfer also for customers whose orders do not come in a structured electronic form, but in PDF by e-mail.

Advantages of PDF2EDI service:

Transfer of all data into one EDI interface

PDF2EDI for all suppliers, whose customers do not send data in structured form but, e.g. as PDF in an e-mail.

Service also for customers of other EDI providers

Orders will be loaded into your system even if you use a different EDI solution. ORiON will, then, be only a link in the communication and will load you the PDF next to the other EDI communication.

Operated by Kaufland, ready for all

The service is currently fully ready for Kaufland suppliers, but if interested, it can also be used for other buyers (and other formats).


Processing PDF orders from Kaufland via EDI

And bad kerning does keep me up at night.

The service can be used by customers of other EDI providers as well. ORiON (a solution for electronic data interchange from GRiT) will, in this case, be only another link on the path of the document and orders (ORDERS) will be automatically forwarded into the EDI solution that the supplier uses. From there, they will be loaded into the supplier's information system like other received EDI orders. The service is currently fully prepared for Kaufland suppliers but if interested, it can be used for other buyers (and other formats) as well.

Kaufland sends orders by fax or e-mail (upon request) in PDF. The conversion of orders using ORiON is possible for those that come by e-mail and is not dependent on any steps of Kaufland Česká republika, v.o.s.

All customers of ORiON EDI can, therefore, start using this service immediately, thus saving work and getting rid of errors that occur during manual rewriting into enterprise system.


How does it work?

And bad kerning does keep me up at night.

A rule is set in the e-mail box where the customer sends PDF orders to the supplier, which automatically forwards these messages to ORiON EDI.

Firstly, it extracts only the header of the PDF attachment to distinguish whether it is a standard order or "a change order" (change orders are used by Kaufland).

In case of standard order, the document extraction continues and based on the obtained data, creates an EDI message ORDERS, which it sends to the supplier's information system like any other EDI order. Changes to orders are sent in their original form to the staff for further processing.

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