SSCC for despatch advice (pallet despatch advice)

Do you need to streamline and speed up your logistics processes or does your buyer directly require marking shipments using SSCC codes? A simple and fast solution is to put into operation the SSCC for despatch advice extension service directly in the ORiON EDI application.

Advantages of introducing electronic despatch advices (DESADV) with pallet identification via SSCC codes:

Unique marking of pallets

Marking of pallets or other logistics units according to buyer requirements, mapping of the actual layout on the pallets.

Easy check of shipments

Easy checks of shipped or received shipments and automatic verification that nothing is missing.

100% accuracy

No errors when introducing into the system and smoother payments due to faster invoice pairing. Acceleration of receipt of goods by about 30 percent.

One beep load

Scanning a barcode of the entire logistics unit (pallet with SSCC) with one beep of reader without the need to unpack.

2 steps how to start sending DESADV with SSCC codes:

1: launch of sending DESADV message

The first step on the supplier's side is to launch sending DESADV message (despatch advice). EDI provider of the supplier will take care of that.

2: addition of SSCC codes

As soon as it is possible to send DESADV, it is necessary to add to them the mentioned SSCC codes. If you put into operation the SSCC for despatch advice service, the ORiON EDI service will directly allow you to do that or it is possible to use for free, e.g. the online service

The usage of SSCC codes is then quite simple:

The supplier receives an electronic order of goods (ORDERS). They turn it with one click into an electronic despatch advice (DESADV).

They generate pallet labels with SSCC codes and then they simply assign to them the number of packages in the ORiON EDI application by drag and drop according to how and on how many pallets the goods will be prepared.

They print the labels and use them to mark the pallets. They send the electronic despatch advice to the buyer so they can prepare for the receipt of the goods in advance.

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