Electronic invoicing: 
100% of invoices electronically

ORiON allows you to issue and receive invoices in electronic form in PDF and other formats in bulk via e-mail. With the help of this service, you can process and archive your invoices only in electronic form in accordance with legislation, thus saving the time required for their manual processing.

We will help you with electronic invoicing

Issuing and archiving electronic documents

Save time and costs, create all documents electronically.

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Compliance with legislation, but without papers

We will take care of the authenticity, immutability and integrity of all invoices.

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Easy integration with enterprise system

We have experience with dozens of ERP systems and data integrations.

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How electronic invoicing works with the help of the ORiON solution

Issuance and automatic sending of invoices

You issue invoices in the information system, as you are used to. ORiON then automatically generates tax documents, which it signs electronically and sends to e-mail addresses of invoice recipients.

Trustworthy electronic archive

The service includes trustworthy archiving, so you don't have to work with a paper invoice at all. ORiON eArchive secures your data and allows you to easily prove the origin and authenticity of the originals.

Automation of received invoices: iNVOiCE FLOW

Do you want to automate processing and archiving of received invoices? Start using the iNVOiCE FLOW service. Rewriting and errors will end and thanks to the electronic workflow, you will speed up the approval of received documents.

Easy integration with existing system

The ORiON e-Invoicing service can be very easily integrated directly into your existing enterprise system. We have implemented integrations with more than 150 different information and accounting systems.

PDF, ISDOC, IDOC, CSV, XML – invoices in any format

ORiON ensures the conversion of documents between individual structured formats and allows them to be combined in various ways.

Receipt of invoices directly into enterprise system

When using iNVOiCE FLOW, received invoices in structured formats can be loaded directly into the enterprise system (accounting, ERP system) in data form.

What ORiON eInvoicing can do

generating tax documents in any format
conversion of different formats (PDF, ISDOC, CSV, XML...)
automated sending of invoices
monitoring the delivery of recipients' invoices
creation of metadata
anchoring documents in time (time stamp)
trustworthy archiving of electronic documents
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