Digitalization of accounting

The process of replacing the routine manual processing of invoices with modern technological tools. It is related to the concept of automation of accounting and constitutes an important step in the efficient running of accounts payable.

Digitization and automation are standard practices in a number of fields. However,  accounting departments still predominantly employ practices such as printing out received invoices, rewriting them manually into the accounting system and storing paper copies of documents in folders.

Not only can digitizing your accounting agenda save companies their time and reduce the number of errors caused by the manual rewriting of data, but also increase the job satisfaction of accounting employees, who will be able to focus their energy on doing qualified work which they actually enjoy thanks to the elimination of routine work.

One of the tools that help digitize accounting is ORiON EDI – it automates the transmission of structured documents between the accounting systems of the purchaser and the supplier, including their archiving.

Our service iNVOiCE FLOW takes care of received invoices as well as receipts in other formats such as .jpg, .pdf, .tiff and more. Using artificial intelligence, it extracts necessary data from documents and ensures the transmission of each document via a digital approval workflow, its import into the accounting system and subsequent archiving in a secure data center for the duration stipulated by law.

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