Automation of accounting

A process during which routine accounting tasks are increasingly automated and done by machines.

Accounting automation will bring about a revolution in accounting departments, making obsolete job positions such as those which involve rewriting printed invoices into information systems, or simple accounting operations which necessitate comparing invoices. In the future, the job of the accountant will consist solely of dealing with exceptions, carrying out advanced data processing or focusing on the correct functioning of the cash-flow.

Examples of accounting automation include the ORiON EDI system, which automates the transfer of invoices between the accounting systems of the supplier and the customer, including their archiving.

In the case of suppliers who are not ready for advanced EDI communication, companies can opt for partial invoice digitization using iNVOiCE FLOW. This service extracts all the necessary data from the invoices using artificial intelligence, manages the digital approval flow and, finally, imports the invoices into the company's accounting system while also archiving them in a trustworthy and secure data center.

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