Automation of processing received invoices with iNVOiCE FLOW

A solution for automated processing of received documents that will rid you of manual rewriting, paper and errors. Thanks to electronic approval, it will make the processing of documents clearer and several times faster. It imports approved invoices directly into your accounting system and archives them electronically, so that they are accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Make it easier to work with records of orders and received invoices

Immediate overview of documents

You will have orders, invoices and receipts with all data in one place, approved and with a few clicks.

End of manual rewriting and errors

The solution extracts invoice data for you and you get more time for skilled work.

Removal of paper documents

No more printing invoices, obtaining signatures and filing. They travel from e-mail straight to the ERP.

Invoices available at any time

Thanks to the web application, you can approve documents and browse in the archive at any time wherever you are.

How does it work in practice?

See how the automation of processing received invoices in iNVOiCE FLOW works in practice.

What can iNVOiCE FLOW do?

More effective processing of received documents

Extracting data not only from received invoices but also from receipts. An interface for checking and acquiring data and automatic processing of documents from e-mail inbox.

Immediate overview of the payables balance

Current report of the payables status is always available.
Monitoring maturity date and evaluating capital in the payables with additional services.

Acceleration of invoice approval: from days to minutes

Electronic approval workflow for invoices and orders. E-mail notifications with a hyperlink to the invoice preview and responsive web-based approval application.

Easier posting and archiving of invoices

Import of invoices into an accounting system. Easily accessible background documents for posting and electronic archive in accordance with legislation.

Easy integration with other systems

It saves not only you but also your employees time and money

2 hours

saved daily, no more overtime of accountants


acceleration of your internal processes

90 %

lower error rate for your employees

Invoice receipt automation is worth it and we recommend it to everyone. It is convenient, you'll get rid of paper documents and if you handle at least 100 invoices a month or more, it will also pay off financially.

Iva Šmerdová
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