Mondelēz automates order processing thanks to EDI. In this way, saves dozens of hours of work


The Czech division of one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in the world has to solve hundreds of orders, delivery notes or invoices every day. Therefore, the company introduced EDI already in 2002 - a solution for electronic and automated exchange of documents. Thanks to this, today, a large part of the administrative work can be carried out without human intervention, which saves the company labor costs and reduces the error rate.

The Czech Mondelēz, which also manages the Slovak and Hungarian markets, is a pioneer of modern technologies in the concern. Already at the beginning of the millennium, it introduced a company ERP system, switched to EDI in 2002, and seven years later, due to dissatisfaction with the original supplier, deployed the ORiON EDI solution.

„GRiT is much more flexible, open and responds quickly to our suggestions. Colleagues from other countries who have EDI from international providers encounter problems that we do not solve at all,“ says Zoran Žlof, Customer Service Supervisor for Czech and Slovak Mondelēz.

Today, the company communicates with 121 business partners across Europe via EDI, and a large part of business communication is fully automated. In the case of orders, it is 96% – no one from the company needs to see or check them, yet they are formally correct, registered and passed on for processing.

In addition, Mondelēz in cooperation with GRiT is gradually increasing the number of involved partners; over 40 of them have been added in the last five years alone. However, if one of the business partners is not using EDI yet, Mondelēz does not force them to do so. In this case, it issues documents in PDF using the eInvoicing application and converts received orders into EDI format using the PDF2EDI tool. It's not as fast as full EDI, but still faster than working with a PDF order the whole time. Just by implementing PDF2EDI , Mondelēz saved half the working time of an internal person.

The confectionary manufacturer plans to further simplify processes in the future. He wants to ensure that, from receiving the order to final invoicing, all work with documents takes place without human intervention. He is also considering, for example, the automated sending of e-mails using coded EDI messages, which will increase the security of these messages. You can read more about GRiT's cooperation with Mondelēz in the case study. Alternatively, just get in touch, we'll have coffee and discuss the possibilities of using EDI in your company.

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