INVOIC (Invoice)


The message is sent by the supplier to the customer as a request for payment of goods and services. The same message can also fulfil the function of a pro-forma invoice, advance invoice, bond or a credit note. Seller can invoice one or more transactions (based on one or more orders). The invoice can contain information about payment terms, transport details, and other additional information for customs or statistical purposes for international shipments.

EDI invoice including a valid electronic signature and timestamping meets all requirements of an original tax document, according to the applicable legislation. Because the contractor works only with an electronic document, they save time through automatic processing and also avoid considerable costs on printing, postage and archiving.

The biggest benefit is a very fast feedback, which allows the supplier to know the status of the invoice, i.e. whether and when they can expect payment. For customers, an automatic disposal of invoices represents a significant saving of costs. The invoices are mechanically compared to other documents in the entire customer-supplier process and only require manual processing in case of differences or incorrect formatting.

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