Warehouse system

A system for managing warehouses of trading and manufacturing companies that manages, records and evaluates warehouse processes and increases productivity of warehouse workers while reducing their error rate. It helps speed up warehouse operations and gain an overview of inventory level and its location.

Save time and nerves with working in a warehouse

Easy to find goods

Display of inventory level on a graphic map of warehouse together with tracking parameters of goods.

Removal of paper documents

Don't run around a warehouse with a paper order and don't rewrite data into an information system.

Elimination of goods confusions

The system will not let you send the wrong piece. You will always follow the picking strategy (FEFO, FIFO).

Reduction of the error rate of warehouse workers

Receipt and dispatch of goods using a barcode reader that navigates the warehouse worker to the location of the goods.

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What can LOKiA WMS help you with?

Effective management of warehouse workers

Precise instructions on a barcode reader or on a mobile phone, optimal routes for the warehouse worker when handling goods, prioritization of activities with the help of a task queue and entering tasks via a web application. KPIs, reports and evaluation.

100% goods overview

Clear storage, removal and traceability of goods thanks to warehouse positions. Stock transfer in the web application and availability of goods on a graphic map of the warehouse. Adherence to the selected removal strategy, monitoring of goods parameters (batch, dimensions, expiration, serial numbers, multiple barcodes).

Acceleration of stocktaking

Adjustment of inventory level while the warehouse is in full operation using a web application or a barcode reader. Stocktaking by specific articles, compartments, in the entire warehouse or in individual parts. Compliance of the number of goods in the warehouse and in accounting.

Saving money and other resources

Better organization of work, speeding up warehouse operations or reducing the error rate of warehouse workers saves money and other resources. The return on investment for LOKiA WMS is usually around units of months.

Easy integration with other systems

Wide range of connection options to ERP and e-shops, API interface, file communication. Extensive experience with integrations. Simplification of work also for customer support, product or accounting department thanks to the connection with the e-shop system.

Warehousing as a service

System operation in the cloud, always up-to-date version in operation without complicated upgrading. Data storage in the most modern data centres within the EU (Amazon AWS) and no worries about the maintenance and operation of the ICT infrastructure.

Our customers use these systems

What does it look like inside?

LOKiA WMS helps e-shops
and manufacturing companies

LOKiA WMS saves you not only time, but mainly money

2 hours

saved daily, no more overtime of warehouse workers


acceleration of picking goods from your warehouse

99 %

lower employee error rate

Overall, your system works great and it greatly facilitates the work for our warehouse workers and reduces their error rate.

Drahomír Bazala
warehouse manager, Brand Promotion CZ
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