XML (Extensible Markup Language)

XML is a so-called markup language. It belongs to the same group as HTML, however, it focuses on the structure and content of a document.

It enables easy creation of specific mark-up languages (so-called applications) for different purposes and different types of data. It is used to order the data; therefore it competes for example with JSON and YAML. XML processing is supported by a number of tools and programming languages.

The language is intended primarily for the exchange of data between applications and for publishing of documents, where it describes the structure in terms of substantive content of individual parts, it is not concerned with appearance. Presentation of a document (appearance) can be defined with help of Cascading Style Sheets. Another way of processing is transformation into another type of document, or to another XML application.

XML can be used as the output format of an electronic document from an information system. With help of EDI system (ORiON EDI), it can then be converted into a universally used standard and sent to a partner, who can then automatically, and with the use of computer processing, integrate it into their information system.

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