Stocktaking (overall, continuous) is a warehouse process important for sustaining order in a warehouse. Most of the time, continuous stocktaking serves for finding discrepancy in the status of a given warehouse entry or it is performed over entries from a certain receipt date, expiration date or a chosen part of warehouse. For such stocktaking, we need a support of a warehouse system. The system can also create stocktaking plans, aimed at problematic entries or entries significant from the point of view of turnover ratio. Overall stocktaking is performed regularly, typically once a year or as an extraordinary stocktaking. Paperless course of the stocktaking using barcode reader on-line connected to a warehouse system speeds up the stocktaking significantly and reduces error rate.

Stocktaking can also take the form of a blind or a non-blind stocktaking. With the non-blind stocktaking, the warehouse system informs the user about what stocks should currently be in the bin. With the blind stocktaking, the user enters the goods according to what they physically find, completely independently of the current information stored in the warehouse management software (WMS).

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