How to do flawless and fast stocktaking?

Warehouse management

Have you finished with checking inventory levels and it did not go the way you wanted? Or is it still just waiting for you? Planned stocktaking brings about temporary changes in the operation and sometimes even surprising results. How is it at you?

Stocktaking is an important warehouse process for sustaining order in a warehouse. Most of the time, continuous stocktaking serves for finding discrepancy in the status of a given warehouse entry. Overall stocktaking is more complex. Companies frequently encounter time and personnel demands of stocktaking which takes place at least once a year. Storekeepers or other employees are required to possess knowledge of the stored entries and to adopt a systematic approach to the physical flow of control which is difficult to maintain.

Multiple counting of the inventory level or omission of a certain warehouse location lead to incorrect and distorted conclusions. To the error rate and time demands also add manual rewriting of results into an enterprise system or the organization of storekeepers itself.

How to change chaotic stocktaking into an amusing game?

The success is based on positional recording of goods in warehouse bins. The subsequent management of the course of stocktaking is ensured by the system through a barcode reader that leads the warehouse worker systematically and progressively to the required inventories being stock taken.
Practical and easily accessible helper is a system Instant warehouse, among whose features belongs transparent graphical display of real utilization of warehouse space on-line in real time. When stocktaking using a barcode reader, the need to print paper documents is eliminated. It is also possible to perform an operational stocktaking of a part of warehouse, certain goods or chosen bins practically anytime.

The warehouse system will eliminate manual rewriting and counting of goods, replace the required knowledge of goods and ensure automatic addition of the same goods, even if stored at different positions. The results of the stocktaking can be viewed continuously and transparently in a web browser of Instant warehouse.

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