ORDERS (Order)

Purchase Order

The message is sent by a customer to a supplier to order goods or services in required quantities and with a possible specification of place and date of delivery.

Sending orders via EDI increases the speed and reliability of deliveries. Thanks to notifications, for example, it is possible to almost immediately determine whether an order has been received by the company system of a supplier and if it has been processed by their staff. This allows for a fast response by a customer in case of possible technical errors or, for example, lack of goods on the side of a supplier.

ORDERS is one of the most important messages for suppliers, as it brings numerous benefits. The supplier can learn about received orders anywhere as long as they can access the internet (including on a smartphone) and respond immediately. If the supplier has EDI integrated into their system, they will save considerable time owing to automatic upload of data from the order, while minimizing errors, which often arise as a result of manual processing of documents.

ORiON EDI solution can also deliver orders to suppliers who do not use EDI communication. In such a case, the order is converted into a readable form and sent to a supplier via e-mail or fax. The advantage for the customer is a uniform way of ordering from the information system, summary of all orders in ORiON EDI and control over their delivery.

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