ISDOC is a format used by some Czech information systems for structured data interchange in case of electronic invoicing. Technically speaking, it is an XML format signed by an electronic signature with a firmly defined structure of data. Typically, it has got an extension „.isdoc“ or „.isdocx“ with attachments. The downside is that it doesn’t enable an automatic import into economic systems. The upside of ISDOC is viewing the invoice with ISDOC Reader that is freely available for downloading.

It is, therefore, one of the usable formats for electronic interchange of structured data (EDI), however, it’s got its limits. It can be used only for the process of electronic invoicing (received and issued invoice). Therefore, it’s not a full-fledged process EDI that covers the whole business and logistics process (besides invoice these are mainly orders, delivery notes, receipt cards, etc.). Due to this reason, it has only a limited usage in the fields where there is a fulfilment on invoices for deliveries of goods. On the other hand, it is recommended especially for the segment of services where it is, for example, invoiced based on general contracts and there is no need for links to other documents.

ISDOC Format (Information System Document) was created in 2008 as an activity of ICT Union that is a professional association of Czech ICT providers. In 2014, the version 6.0 was created which enables to use them in case of e-invoicing to state administration bodies at public procurements thanks to an extension by specific entries used in the public sector.

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