INVRPT (Inventory report)

Inventory report

The message is sent by a customer to a supplier, including information about current, planned or target inventory in stores and warehouses of the customer. The message contains information on stocks of individual products in different locations, as well as data on sold or newly accepted quantities of goods. The customer can also use the message to state the ordered quantities and share information on movement of goods (e.g. number of refund claims, additional required goods, or a balance of ordered and received goods).

By using this message with help of a service ORiON Inventory Report (summary of inventory at customers’ warehouses), one can, for example, foresee a shortage of stock before promotions. The data can also be used for analysis by sales representatives who can focus on problematic stores and products. Thanks to Inventory Report, it is possible to accurately assess the outcomes of a specific sales event and also to compare it with sales during a different time period or previous event. Inventory Report can help easily identify goods shortages, track how the stocks change and prepare for delivery.

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