DESADV (Notice of dispatch of goods)

Despatch Advice

The message contains details about supplied goods according to conditions agreed between a customer and a supplier. The message should always be sent before the physical dispatch of goods in order to provide the receiver with accurate information about supplied goods (amount, packaging, etc.) and therefore, to enable them to prepare in time for the physical receipt of goods. It is a type of delivery note.

Adding SSCC pallet codes to the message allows the customer (receiver) to significantly speed up the reception of goods.

Other advantages of message DESADV for customers

  • Information about lots and expiration of goods can be useful for record keeping, which is essential for tracking of goods in the distribution chain.
  • Allows to better control supplier discipline (e.g. approve in advance change in quantities between order and acceptance).
  • It can contribute to better continuity of supplies owing to timely provision of substitutes, albeit to a limited extent with regard to short notice before actual deliveries.

In addition, the message DESADV can also include information about prices of goods. This way, the customer has the information about selling price before receiving the invoice and can deal with possible discrepancies as compared to the purchase order.

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