VIDEO: How LOKiA WMS simplifies work in warehouse

Warehouse management

A managed warehouse (WMS) is a system that speeds up and makes warehouse operations more efficient, from receiving goods to processing orders to packaging and shipping. We know from experience that the benefits of WMS are best demonstrated in a hands-on demonstration. That's why we made a video that will show you in one minute how your ware housecan be easily connected to the rest of the company thanks to our LOKiA WMS system.

In the video, you will see, among other things, how thanks to WMS:

  • warehouse workers receive the goods which after loading are transferred to the WMS and e-shop,
  • the system automatically sends data to the e-shop and vice versa,
  • you can assign each new order to a specific warehouse worker,
  • warehouse workers do not have to look for the goods from the order, but a reader guides them to it,
  • warehouse workers are sure that they are reaching for the right goods,
  • warehouse workers quickly print carrier labels and prepare the goods for shipment.

In the video, we present only the most important and most used functions. Showing a managed warehouse with all the gadgets would be a feature-length documentary.

However, just thanks to the basic functions of WMS, your warehouse will achieve measurable results:

  1. you will process order faster,
  2. you will minimize errors and goods confusions,
  3. you will train part-time workers and new warehouse workers to the level of permanent employees in half an hour,
  4. you will gain a 100% inventory overview,
  5. you will improve your customer service,
  6. you will collect detailed and comprehensible data

Are you considering implementing a managed warehouse? Contact us and we will meet for an on-binding consultation. We will find out together whether a managed warehouse is a suitable solution for you, or we will recommend another solution.

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