You can now upload attachments to received invoices in iNVOiCE FLOW


Certainly, you already know it. You get an invoice from a vendor and you don’t know exactly what is included in the invoice. And now you have to look for reports, service sheets, delivery notes or photo documentation all over, so that you can approve the invoice or forward it to your supervisor for approval.

That’s why we have added a new function to iNVOiCE FLOW, thanks to which you can upload attachments to every received invoice. Photos, videos, reports or contracts. For all attachments, you can see the insertion date and the author, reinforcing the audit trail. And then you can send the invoice together with the attachments to your supervisor to shorten the approval process.

Attachments to invoices can also help you with state office controls – for example, if you need to quickly substantiate the justification of invoices when drawing down grants.

More information about attachments to invoices in the solution iNVOiCE FLOW

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