We have become a certified partner of GS1 Slovakia


At the end of January, we became a certified partner of GS1 Slovakia. It is the only licensed organization for registering companies to GS1 standards in Slovakia. The best known of these standards is the barcode. Only companies that document successful projects demonstrating correct and complete implementation of GS1 standards together with satisfied reviews of customers for whom the implementation took place, can become partners.

The GS1 organization develops and maintains global standards for business communication. The best known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on products that can be read (scanned) by a machine. Worldwide, more than one hundred million types of products are marked with GS1 barcodes. It is estimated that over six billion products are scanned daily. GS1 brings together 115 local member organizations that provide services to more than two million user companies.

GRiT met the conditions

We became certified partners at the end of January when we managed to meet the following requirements:

  • to document the demonstrable, correct and complete implementation of GS1 standards by its customers, including their evaluation,
  • to prove your expertise with your own projects with the theme of GS1 standards, e.g. in the form of case studies, webinars or other publication activities
  • and receive special professional training on GS1 standards.

Benefits of GRiT and GS1 Slovakia partnership

The main benefit of this partnership is the deepening of cooperation between the two companies. Thanks to professional training and personal consultations by GS1 Slovakia at our new customers, it will be guaranteed that the implementation of GS1 standards is always carried out at a high level.

Furthermore, together we will participate in organizing conferences, webinars and other educational events for users of GS1 standards. Our CEO, Lubomír Veselý, commented on it by saying: "We want to start with GS1 to build as much awareness as possible about the successful joint projects we have already done, and to show the market what benefits the combination of GRiT and GS1 brings."

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