Track Orders after Handing them over to Carrier Thanks to LOKiA WMS and Foxdeli Integration

Warehouse management

E-commerce companies can now connect their warehouse management systém (WMS) with an application which communicates with carriers. By doing so, they gain control over their orders even after they have been dispatched. Thanks to that, they can see for instance how many packages are on their way, where they are located or which customer hasn't picked up their package yet.  As a result, the e-shop can actively communicate with their clients and improve their overall customer experience without relying solely on the carrier. An example of this setup is the interconnection of Grit‘s Lokia WMS with the service.

Most e-shops lose control over their package after handing it over to the carrier and can only wait for the message that the package has either been delivered or picked up. In today's era of the fast growth of e-commerce and overworked carriers, situations may arise where a negative experience of one customer ends up damaging the repution of the entire e-shop.

Thanks to the integration of the warehouse management system with the information system linked to the carrier, e-shops can track their packages and actively communicate with their clients during the transport and delivery process, too – and by doing so, they can improve the overall customer experience when it comes to package delivery.  

An example of this is the interconnection of the information systemm – an application which provides communication with carriers, label printing and advanced package tracking – with the Lokia WMS (Warehouse Management System). Thanks to the integration of these two systems, e=shops can continue tracking the package even after dispatch to see where the package is currently located, when and where it has been delivered or whether it has been picked up by the customer.

The integration takes place via an API interface. The customer selects the basic parameters in Foxdeli and then spends the rest of the time working in Lokia WMS, where they can choose the carrier company for their consignments, print out labels and track orders.

„The integration of Lokia WMS with Foxdeli opens up new possibilities for e-shops. For example, they can personalise their transaction-related e-mails, inform customers about the current status of delivery or remind them that a package is awaiting pickup. This eliminates unpleasant situations in which a dissatisfied customer is calling customer support but the e-shop is unable to react because it has no information regarding the package,“ says Marek Stanovský, Head of Sales for Grit, company which is developing the Lokia warehouse management system.

Foxdeli is also pleased with the partnership. „Our customers naturally connect Foxdeli to their business or warehouse management systems in order to manage their orders and expedition from one interface. The integration with Lokia WMS opens our way to new customers, especially from smaller and medium-sized e-shops,“ sums up Foxdeli‘s owner Martin Jareš.

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