ORiON EDI for Hungarian Rohlik.cz


Beginning in December, company Rohlik.cz is going to start operating also on the Hungarian market. Currently, this leading online food retailer has 550 suppliers in the Czech Republic, out of which 80 % already use ORiON EDI. The company is planning to follow the same technological path beyond the borders.

Hungary is the first international market Rohlik.cz is breaking into. „The local competition only delivers orders on the following day. We deliver the goods within three hours of customers placing their order. In the Czech Repulic, we offer a two-hour delivery, but Budapest is big and traffic jams are a common occurrence,“ said Jana Posseltová, Supply Chain Manager.

In order for Rohlik.cz to cope with the rapid pace of business, it needs efficient processes. One of them is the processing of orders, delivery notes and invoices using EDI. „In the Czech Republic, we have been using the ORiON EDI service developed by the company Grit since the very beginning. It has saved us a considerable amount of time and we’ll be using it in Hungary, too,“ said Jana Posseltová.

Rohlik.cz focuses on offering quality local groceries, but its producers often don‘t have access to EDI. „We are prepared to support these suppliers with the help of our technologies the way we support Czech suppliers of the company Rohlik.cz,“ said Dalibor Damborský, CEO of Grit.

80 Per Cent of Rohlik.cz’s Suppliers Use EDI

Currently, Rohlik.cz has 550 suppliers in the Czech Republic. „Thanks to ORiON, we save a lot of time during invoice processing. If a supplier sends us their invoices via EDI, they are automatically uploaded into our accounting systém Abra. Invoices received by e-mail need to be processed manually. Thankfully, 80 per cent of our suppliers use EDI. If we got all our invoices either by e-mail or post, we would need two more employees to process them all,“ said Tereza Podhorská, EDI Specialist at Rohlik.cz.

EDI makes work easier not only for Rohlik.cz’s employees in the accounting department, but also for those in the warehouse. „The layout of the EDI delivery note has been created in such a way that it supports warehouse processes. It contains all the necessary information including expiration dates and batch numbers, so that warehousekeepers can understand it without making any mistakes,“ said David Reichel, ORiON EDI Project Manager.

Rohlik.cz Is Growing and Bringing Innovation

In 2018 the sales of Rohlik.cz showed an annual increase of 62 per cent, reaching 2.4 billion Czech crowns, and the company made a profit for the first time in history. In order to allow small producers to participate with ease, Rohlik.cz has been offering Roger’s service called Platba to its suppliers since this autumn. Thanks to this service, Rohlik.cz’s business partners can now shorten their invoice due dates from 30 to 3 days.

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