ORION Academy: Customer EDI training is under way


Another ORION EDI Academy user training took place earlier this week. Invitations were sent to customers using CCV Information Systems electronic data interchange and paperless invoicing services. Around 30 customer representatives, primarily retail chain vendors, met with consultants at new Brno headquarters. Customer demand for training is high and all planned sessions in Brno, Praha, Bratislava and Opava were filled to capacity. Therefore, three new sessions were planned and are now available for signing up.

Training focuses both on EDI communication in general, its features and benefits, and on practical use of ORION 2016, new version of ORION EDI application. Free upgrade to a new version has been available since last September and will soon become mandatory for all users who have been postponing the upgrade. This user training is a great opportunity to overcome fear of something new and to help users take their first steps in a new user interface. ORION 2016 grants user significantly more comfort and simpler control than previous version, plus it brings many new features and new possibilities.

„We provide electronic data interchange solution ORION EDI as a service (SaaS). Therefore, satisfaction of our customers with the whole solution and customer support are crucial to us. ORION is a living thing which constantly evolves according to our customer’s needs, on which we have based ORION 2016. Nonetheless, we are aware that learning to work with something new often discourages users and hardly anyone reads manuals these days. Video guides or ORION Academy are great way to help our customers with any issues and thus improve their efficiency at working with electronic documents.“ says David Reichel, ORION® solution architect.

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