METROS has strengthened its customers’ relations by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM


METROS s.r.o., operating in the building materials’ industry, has strengthened its relations with customers by implementing a new CRM system. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, implemented by CCV Information systems brings more efficient management of contacts, opportunities, customer requests or complaints.

The objective of implementing a new CRM system in the company is to strengthen business and sales operations and improve customer care. One of the initial requirements was to obtain a better users’ overview of the supply-demand activities’ history. To comply with this strategy, Metros opted for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

“The new CRM system has been appreciated by our employees, who recognize particularly its full integration with Outlook. By using it we are able to further improve business processes, time management of individual users and allows for better accessibility of shared information. At the moment we are planning to expand the system by adding a module for purchasing processes.” says Martin Fuksa, assistant director of Metros.

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