Lubomír Veselý becomes new CEO of GRiT


On 1 October 2021, our former Business Director (CSO), Lubomír Veselý, was promoted to the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The departing director and co-owner Dalibor Damborský is going to be part of the Board of Directors, where he will be focusing on the broader strategy and the development of the company. With this move, we have completely switched from the proprietorship structure to the corporate structure.

Lubomír Veselý joined Grit in 2013 as Key Account Manager and gradually worked his way up to the position of CSO (Business and Marketing Director). Starting from October this year, he will take over the role of CEO from the co-founder of the company, Dalibor Damborský, who will be joining the Board of Directors. In this new role, Mr. Damborský will be focusing on the broader strategy and the development of the company.

„I view my CEO departure as a natural progression of the company. In his role as Business Director, Lubomír was in close contact with our clients and the market, which is why I believe that he will move Grit in the right direction. This step is particularly important in this day and age, when the cloud market is very dynamic,“ says departing director Dalibor Damborský.

In his role as CEO, Lubomír Veselý will be responsible for the running of the company, its results and direction. He will be presenting his results to the above-mentioned Board of Directors. With this move, the software development company is completely switching from the proprietorship structure to the corporate structure.

In 2019, Dalibor Damborský and Lubomír Veselý were the main drivers behind the company‘s rebranding from CCV Informační systémy to Grit. As part of this change, they decided that the company‘s focus was going to be on developing its own cloud tools instead of implementing systems from other vendors. At the present moment, it is developing tools for electronic data interchange and receiving invoices using artificial intelligence, as well as a warehouse management system, among others.

„My main objective as the new CEO will be to complete the company's ongoing transformation. We are aiming to become a customer-oriented company which creates customized solutions for the automation of the supply chain management. Our next goal is to expand Grit into other European countries,“ says Lubomír Veselý.

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