Great overview of news for 2021


Transition to a more secure Amazon Web Services cloud storage, better integration of Roger with ORiON EDI or more advanced records of packaging materials in LOKiA WMS. Read the most important news we added to our systems in 2021. And also what we have in store for you in 2022.

ORiON EDI: marked by transition to AWS

This year was a turning point for ORiON, as we moved the entire platform to the global Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage. Thanks to this, we can now develop our solution even faster and add new functions; moreover, by switching to Amazon's servers, we have accelerated ORiON itself and increased the security of stored data.

More than 4 million documents per month are now transferred through ORiON. This has resulted in a large archive in twenty years of operation, which is why we have introduced a regular shredding of documents for which the statutory archiving period has expired and which are, therefore, no longer needed.

Another novelty in ORiON is the so-called liquidator - a module for processing invoices. This is used to compare the receipt and the invoice according to the delivery note number and thus prevents errors and differences between the stocked goods and those actually invoiced.

We have also improved the connection between ORiON and the Roger Payment service, thanks to which you can shorten the maturity of invoices. In addition to a better technical connection, we have also made several changes in the options for setting up and working with this service.

Since more and more foreign customers use ORiON, we have also prepared new language mutations in German and Hungarian.

What are we planning in 2022?

  • In addition to significantly improving most of the existing functions, we intend to upgrade the communicator that ensures the sending of EDI messages.
  • We also plan to launch and make available a new API for customers and partners for easier communication and integration with ERP and other third-party systems.
  • Perhaps the most visible change will be the new design and text of notices from ORiON.

iNVOiCE FLOW: thanks to virtual validation, you no longer have to manually check anything

Although we spent a lot of time improving existing functions in the past year, we also introduced a few new features. One of them is inline editing, i.e. the possibility to edit data from the document directly in the lines of the waybill, without the need to switch to editing mode.

We have also improved the work with duplicate invoices and now offer the possibility to use virtual validation of documents, thanks to which an external company will check the documents after extraction to see if everything has been extracted correctly and, if necessary, adjust or supplement them. You no longer have to check the extracted data from the invoice.

Furthermore, we implemented the function of templates in the Billing module, so that you do not have to constantly bill recurring documents manually. We have also improved the Recurring Payment module with overviews of recurring documents and further developed the Orders module, in which it is now easier to create recurring orders and work with foreign currencies.

Since iNVOiCE FLOW runs on the same platform as ORiON, we moved it to Amazon Web Services cloud storage. Thanks to this change, new possibilities for the future development of both products have opened up for us.

What are we planning in 2022?

  • We will focus on the development of the Orders module.
  • We are planning to expand e-mail notifications.
  • We will improve the electronic approval process, in which we will give you more freedom in setting limits.
  • We are also planning major changes in the overview of received documents, which we want to make more variable so that you can set the displayed values yourself.

LOKiA: newly records pallet locations and packaging materials

The LOKiA WMS warehouse system can now record packaging materials. At the beginning, you enter into the system, for example, all the types of boxes you use for packaging and their quantities. After that, you just write down which box you used for packing. The system will automatically reduce their stock and notify you as soon as new ones need to be purchased. Especially e-shops praise the function the most.

Pallet locations have also received improved records, which will be especially appreciated by companies that rent warehouse space. Thanks to more accurate records, you can now see, for example, whether a given pallet is unpacked or not. The Loading module has also been upgraded, which now enables the recording of picked or packed goods at the loading transfer position.

We have also introduced new management reports for a better overview of the data. In addition, we continue to collect feedback from you customers and improve the reports based on it.

Stocktakings have received a minor improvement - the recalculation of goods by individual pieces and entire compartments is now optimized, both in the web interface and in barcode readers.

The Android application has also received many updates, which now offers far more functionality and is noticeably faster.

What are we planning in 2022?

  • At the turn of the year, we started cooperating with a new aggregator for transport services, the company Foxdeli.
  • We will also introduce composite GS1-128 barcodes and want to connect the LOKiA system with the ORiON EDI solution, which will open up new possibilities in the range of services using SSCC codes and pallet labels on the side of receipt and issue of goods.
  • We also intend to focus more on the fulfillment segment, whether it is the rental of warehouse space or the complete storage of goods for several companies/e-shops.

Roger: supply chain financing in logistics

Over the past year, the Roger Invoice financing service has come a long way and established new collaborations in the logistics industry with the companies ESA logistika and C.S.CARGO. On the Czech market, for example, Alza, Datart, MALL.CZ, Pilulka or Rohlík use this service, now satisfied customers can also offer the service abroad. At the moment, Roger has a payment license for Poland, Slovakia and Spain.

The efficient functioning of the Invoice Financing service depends primarily on EDI invoices. Thanks to a simple connection with the new ORiON interface for the electronic exchange of documents, everything can be arranged online in a few clicks.

What are we planning in 2022?

  • We will continue to expand the Invoice Financing service and establish cooperation with new customers.
  • In the near future, we are preparing supply chain financing for Alza and Rohlík in Hungary.
  • We also plan to improve the web application with a more modern and user-friendly user interface with new features.

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