Fast and reliable: we asked users what they think about GRiT customer support


You may have noticed that we at GRiT have long relied on above-standard customer support. We want it to be understandable, fast and empathetic. But not to just use fancy words, we asked our users again this year how they evaluate customer support themselves.

More than 500 customers evaluated our support in February this year just like at school. A = great and chocolate after lunch, F = weak and no tv. Almost 90% of companies using the ORiON, LOKiA or iNVOiCE FLOW systems would give our team 1 or 2. At the same time, our support received such an excellent evaluation last year as well.

How satisfied are you with Grit's customer support?

evaluation just like at school (1 = ecellent, ... 5 = very bad)


In addition to the marks, we also asked customers for specific reasons. For example, Simona from Megacorp - Plus praises the quick help the most: "Thank you for your services. You helped me more than once. No waiting and no listening to music a la wait, you're in order. ”

Klára Holá from GARMONDI CZ praises intelligibility the most: "Thank you very much for your willingness and patience to advise and answer any question."

We are aware that not every one of our customers is of a technical type, and therefore we explain everything clearly, intelligibly and patiently in our customer support. For example, if you need help setting up your system, we'll walk you through the steps. And if you call our support department just before closing time, we will solve the problem with you, even if we have to work overtime.

But we acknowledge that we are not perfect and sometimes it happens that the customer can’t reach us. Because of this, for example, we collected a F in the survey with a comment: "I couldn’t reach the customer service." We don't want to be like call centers and forbid colleagues from going to the toilet. Sometimes it happens that we have a busy line due to the concurrence of callers.

Our goal is for our customer support colleagues to get back to you in such a situation, but unfortunately, we don’t always succeed. If this happens to you, please try calling again later or contact support through e-mail. We are always looking for ways to avoid these situations.

And finally a few numbers. Our customer support handles an average of 200 requests per day. In 2020, it picked up the telephone a total of 5,633 times, which is an average of 23 phone calls a day. This is a relatively low number considering the number of our clients, which means that our customers can cope without support in most cases.

Thank you for your feedback, and we appreciate your satisfaction with our customer support. We will use the results to further improve support. We will continue to do our utmost to answer your every question as best we can and to be a reliable helping hand to you. We are here for you.

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