EDI ORiON 2.0 has been awarded the IT product of the year 2009 price


EDI ORION 2.0 solution has been awarded a first price in the IT product of the year 2009 competition in the category of information systems. Out of the tough competition in this category, our solution EDI Orion 2.0 emerged victorious mainly due to its convergence of modern data services, classical EDI and data boxes.

Merging of those tools within one solution together with other application innovations, faster performance and clever new functions are the main reasons, why the overall winner of the information systems category was our very own solution.

A fundamental criterion in the competition is the assessment of whether or not the competing solution offers (compared to other competitors) some significant comparative advantage (useful new function, standard functionality for lower price etc.) or if, thanks to its unique approach, it does not have any competitors on the market.

We are happy that our solution EDI Orion 2.0 is perceived positively not only by our own customers, but also by the expert public. This traditional competition is organized by a magazine called Computerworld, which publishes the official results online on its website (you can see them here).

Which features of the solution impressed Computerworld?

Interesting features of the EDI ORION 2.0 solution as listed by Computerworld in the final press release of the IT project of the year competition:

  • comprehensive solution for electronic communication between organizations
  • appropriate for both small businesses and large commercial chains
  • support of all business e-communication formats in use on the market, including ISDOC
  • permits automatic order reception supervision, which also fulfils the function of a disparity message
  • transparent diaries for individual documentation types
  • data box administration in independent diaries
  • differentiation of agendas' access rights based on the pre-defined roles on the customer's side

What is EDI ORION 2.0 solution?

EDI Orion 2.0 assures conversion of all formats of business documentation, their structured processing, transformation into a legible form (e.g. PDF), reception and delivery including notifications and web archive administration, all exclusively through a secured communication channel. Users can also use an electronic signature if they so wish.

The solution is provided in a form of a service (SaaS), which can be accessed through a web application and with the help of a communicator integrated in the ERP system.

What is the practical use of the solution?

The product allows businesses to communicate with domestic and foreign partners electronically through a single and unique comprehensive solution, which allows them to significantly accelerate and automate business and logistics processes.

It includes support for an EDI standard, modern B2B communication systems or data boxes, while at the same time serving as a clearing centre for e-invoicing.

On top of that it archives all documentation, allows their administration in independent dairies, easy search, sends notifications about pre-defined events and is independent on the use format.

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