EDI in AHOLD Czech Republic


AHOLD Czech Republic (operating supermarket chains of Albert and Hypernova) has informed its suppliers about its intention to invest in improving and expanding of electronic communication. From summer 2008 AHOLD will send EDI orders to all its suppliers (ORDERS message) and from the third quarter of 2008 AHOLD will receive EDI invoices (INVOIC message). The system will use "paperless" EDI invoicing, with electronic signature, as it is common in the Czech Republic. In further phases AHOLD is planning to introduce exchange of records of receipts (RECADV) return premiums (RETANN) and bills of deliver (DESADV). It will also introduce a process of goods' listing through the catalogue of prices and merchandise (PRICAT message).  

In relation to these planned changes CCV, as one of prominent EDI providers on the Czech and Slovak market, has been invited to a meeting with Czech and Dutch representatives of AHOLD. We delivered a presentation on technicalities of the communication, as well as required and planned types of EDI messages and schedule of planned changes. One of the most important changes is namely the termination of contract with EDITEL CZ as a EDI connection provider and establishing new, direct connection to the Netherlands. Required way of communication through AS2 is a standard constituent of CCV services and EDI ORION users can therefore utilize it free of charge. EDI has been further expanded by processes which follow the trend of already established messages expansion to logistics.

How the suppliers, using EDI services from CCV, will be influenced by the forthcoming changes?

In harmony with provided services, EDI communication with retail and wholesale chains in the Czech and Slovak Republics is a standard constituent of EDI ORION services solution. All users (more than 1300 users and about 500 subjects) can now automatically communicate with AHOLD without further inconvenience and without need to invest into communication modules, new formats etc. The only change is the expansion of the contemporary communication and thus benefits of using EDI will increase. We would advise suppliers, who have not yet been using EDI invoicing and are stuck with piles of invoices, to expand their information system (ERP) by adding electronic invoicing. Our technical support will make sure that their customers are informed and capable of handling them. We offer a simple solution even for small suppliers, with extremely low number of documentation, for whom EDI has not been financially effective so far.

Advice for suppliers, who still don't use EDI

Suppliers, who still do not use EDI should not be threatened by unknown terms such as ORDERS, INVOIC, EDIFACT, EANCOM or AS2. Professionals from CCV will create a customized solution, give advice concerning the best way implement EDI or carry out the implementation, for you. CCV provides comprehensive EDI services to all small businesses and traders as well as to the largest companies on the market. We will be glad to show you the high standards of our services, professionalism and customer care.  

Frankly, would you like your business to use the same solution and services as Nestlé, Meggle, L'oreal or Bernard. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out what we mean by our motto: ORION - Contentment from Connection.

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