Current trends in Czech cloud


"Try the cloud after all", invites Czech companies CSO Lubomír Veselý in the interview for Business World.

Today’s times require rapid changes and responses to customer requirements, thus, need to be truly flexible. This trend is increasingly reflected in the way of delivering information systems, which are more often provided as a service.

Most Czech companies have been forced to undergo bigger or smaller change over the past few years due to their own growth, lack of employees, competitive struggle or changes in customer behaviour. This often meant stepping into an unknown environment, processes and one-time larger investment with which it was necessary to count. All these aspects gradually open the possibility for Czech companies to try the cloud after all and try some IT services only temporarily or with the possibility of interruption, increase, decrease, etc.

As a result, the so-called hybrid scenarios are more common in large manufacturing companies. The manufacturing process remains unchanged for many years and often remains on the current hardware. However, the business logic is changing and there is a greater effort to automate other processes that are not directly related to the company’s business. Such areas are most often subject to the transition to the cloud.

At the same time, most employees and owners have their personal data on social networks or use various cloud storage for personal needs. However, it is still a great cause for concern in corporate culture. When the company relaxes, though, and is committed to making a step into the cloud, it is a refreshing change for many customers. And I can confirm from my own experience that it is very addictive.

A significant change in using cloud resources today can be seen in young businesses, start-ups. Often, start-ups do not have the means to purchase assets (e.g. their own servers). At the same time, such a liability is highly risky for them, when they take into account that in a year, their fixed conditions may not be enough for them or vice versa. That’s why services pay as you go are exactly what they are searching for and what they need. For these customers, we see the idea of “having everything in the cloud” as the only acceptable one.

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